XtrmCat – Product Certifications

ESW Group

August 2011 – United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified ESW’s XtrmCat Kit for 2 stroke, Category 2 Marine cialis for sale engines. The issuance of the ‘re-manufacturing certificate’ is a significant milestone for the Company http://viagraed-noprescription.com/ as it validates the DOC technology for the marine market sector.

The Certifications are applicable to EMD 710 and 645 engines. The XtrmCat can achieve Tier 0 and Tier I compliance as per 40 CFR 1042 when retrofitted to EMD 710 and 645 engines. During the emission test program at an independent EPA approved test facility, the XtrmCat Kit exceeded the minimum regulatory requirements with significant margins throughout the complete test program. In particular, the Particulate Matter (PM) reduction efficiency noted total reductions of up to 46%.

The XtrmCat certifications have meaningful benefits to the end user, as the kit can be deployed without the need to re-manufacture the viagraed-noprescription.com engine, resulting in cialis 5mg price australia significant cost savings. Additionally, the technology cheap viagra paypal is maintenance free and cost effective. The application design considerations viagra and arginine are based on ‘real life’ examples performed alongside with Ingram Barge Company to ensure that vessels can be operated without negative impact on fuel economy and safety; bringing the regulatory requirements and industry needs prostate cancer viagra together in a meaningful way.