ESW MLC® Electronics

The MLC® is a multipurpose electronic module designed to function as an independent control and logging device for emission control equipment on heavy-duty diesel engines. In addition to being rugged enough to survive the on-

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and off-road heavy-duty world, it has the flexibility and computational power to be used in many other applications. It has multiple inputs (thermocouple, voltage), several digital outputs, a pulse-width modulated output, an analog output, and on-board memory for data logging.

The MLC has been proven to be durable in the most rugged environments. Since its commercial release in 2003, thousands of MLCs are operating on trucks, buses, construction equipment and other vehicles. ESW harnesses are built with automotive grade connectors and wiring to OEM standards. The wires are covered with a protective heavy-duty overbraid that provides high abrasion resistance and thermal protection.

ESW Group’s offering includes an optional developer’s kit that will enable your company to customize the MLC for your purposes. Terms and conditions for the kit are to be determined on a case by case basis. The firmware is written in ANSI C using the CodeVisionAVR compiler from HP InfoTech. In addition, a graphical user interface can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

To learn more about the MLC, including features and capabilities, please visit the MLC product pages: