Phoenix DPF

Phoenix DPF

The Phoenix® is a robust diesel particulate (PM) reduction system designed for a very broad range of off-road diesel engines and applications. Features of the Phoenix include:

  • CARB verification to Level 3+ (>85%) for PM
  • Approved for 1993-2012 off-road engines
  • No minimum temperature requirement
  • Ideal for low and/or variable temperature duty cycles
  • Integrated off-line diesel burner regeneration system
  • Advanced system monitoring, diagnostics and data retrieval
  • Installation and maintenance ease with modular design

This active regeneration system uses diesel fuel, combined with an integrated diesel burner element, to “cook-off” the captured diesel particulate when the vehicle in not operating.

The Phoenix is managed by ESW CleanTech’s proprietary MLC® which monitors system parameters and controls the automatic regeneration process. The MLC also logs the monitored parameters for later retrieval and analysis.

ESW CleanTech uses only the highest quality materials, including all stainless steel construction, and a robust silicon carbide diesel particulate filter for enhanced durability. Additionally, numerous inlet/outlet end cone configurations are available for installation ease.

The modular design of the Phoenix facilitates service and de-ashing of the diesel particulate filter. The gasketless band clamp design enables quick turnaround for maximum uptime.

The Phoenix balances the mandate for cleaner air with the demanding requirements of real-world on-road diesel applications, and the desire to maximize the economic life cycle of your equipment, while avoiding costly replacement.

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Phoenix® Quick Specs
Filter Type Active diesel particulate filter with diesel burner regeneration
CARB Verification
> Engine PM Limit
0.01 g/bhp-hr PM and lower engines
CARB Verification
> Engine Model Years
CARB Verification
> Engine Displacement
3.4 to 12 liters
CARB Verification
> Engine Horsepower
100-450 HP
CARB Exclusions Consult Distributor
Exhaust Temperature Requirement None
Typical Applications Off-road equipment with light or highly variable duty cycles
PM Reduction Greater than 85% (Level 3+)
NOx Reduction None
Fuel Compatibility ULSD or Biodiesel up to B20
Ash Capacity 200 grams
Regeneration Type Active (diesel burner)
Regeneration Time 75 minutes
Engine Run Time Between Regeneratons Consult Distributor
Approximate Size 42″ (L) x 12″ (W)
Consult Distributor
Shipping Weight 130 lbs.
Verification Document Download PDF
Engine Family List Download PDF
Product Spec Sheet Download PDF
Owner’s Manual Download PDF
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