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Rail & Marine Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
The XtrmCat is an innovative substrate/catalyst. It has demonstrated outstanding durability and flexibility enable the XtrmCat to perform within the extreme operating conditions of locomotive and marine two stroke diesel engine applications.

Features of the XtrmCat:

  • EPA Certification (Marine)
  • High thermal shock characteristics
  • Proven mechanical vibration durability
  • PM (Particulate Matter) emissions reduction beyond the North American Tier 0 standards
  • PM, HC and CO reductions
  • Passive system relying solely on engine duty cycle
  • No modifications to the current OEM exhaust manifolds are required
  • Achieves emissions reductions through the proficient utilization of available heat and exhaust pressure created by the two-stroke operating cycle.

Cost Effectiveness:

  • No modification to the current OEM exhaust manifolds
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Catalyst cartridges are easy to remove/clean
  • Low cost per ton of PM reduction


  • EMD/GE 2 stroke diesel engines (Turbocharged & Roots Blown)
  • Rail locomotives
  • Marine propulsion

Product Certifications
XtrmCat – Product Certifications

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